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Armed Church Security Team Member (Stage 2)

This is the second training stage for those wishing to be trained as armed church security team members. Each stage covers new topics related to necessary skills. Topics covered in this stage include: •Safety rules/briefing •Review of stage one day •Warm up rounds 7-10 15 yards •Movement and shooting •Stage one malfunction refresher •Stage two […]


Precision Long Range Rifle Course

Precision Long Range Rifle – $99 - Stage one class is limited to 10 people. You will not find a better value for a precision rifle class. Class will cover the use of a bolt action precision rifle including zeroing the rifle, sighting, aiming, trigger control, various shooting positions, how to make a range card, […]


Armed Church Security Team Member (Stage 3)

Peacekeepers Firearms Training Facility 891 East 385th Road, Bolivar

This is the third and final class for our Armed Church Security Team Member course. Below are the topics covered in this class. •Safety rules/briefing •Bullet wound treatment – Tourniquets, Wound Packing, Chest Seals •OC spray •Decision Shooting •Laser Shot Video Simulator •Live Fire Decision Course •Post shooting recommendations •Course debrief & certificate presentations Buy […]


Defensive Tactics Instructor 2021

Drury Law Enforcement Academy 640 E Bob Barker Blvd., Springfield

Register at Eventbrite here The Peacekeepers Defensive Tactics Instructor Program is a challenging class that is designed to prepare the participants to train officers in a variety of empty hand and less lethal control tool combatives. The course will be both physically and mentally demanding. Participants will learn the fundamental strategies of how to effectively […]