MSIA Conference

Attendees:  Please view the Links tab for the downloads. Use the password given to you during the conference. Thank you for attending!

Taser User Certification Course

Drury Law Enforcement Academy 640 E Bob Barker Blvd., Springfield

This is the official Taser International user certification program. The course will be taught by a certified Taser Master Instructor and will include a classroom presentation, practical training drills, live fire practicals, and voluntary exposures. Exposure to the effects of the Taser is completely voluntary and is not a requirement for user certification. Students who pass both the written and practical requirements of the course will receive certification.


Defensive Tactics Instructor School

The Peacekeepers Training Defensive Tactics Instructor Program is a challenging class that is designed to prepare the participants to train officers in a variety of empty hand and less lethal control tool combatives. The course will be both physically and mentally demanding. Participants will learn the fundamental strategies of how to effectively teach physical defensive and control skills to their students. Participants will also be introduced to advanced training methods developed by our experienced instructors to increase the coordination and physical abilities of our students.


Patrol Rifle Instructor

Registration-Form2 This course will certify the student to instruct the basic fundamentals of operating a center fire rifle in a law enforcement patrol environment. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to teach the operation and maintenance of the AR15/M4 and the advantages and disadvantages of use of a rifle in a […]


Personal Defense Pistol Course

personal-defense-pistol-registration This 8 hour course is designed to progress the attendee into becoming a more proficient instinctive shooter when multiple targets and/or rapid fire circumstances exist.  Topics include: ·         Initial basic bullseye conditioning ·         Rapid fire trigger control ·         Shooting while moving ·         Engaging multiple targets ·         Shooting around cover ·         Specific cartridge/bullet considerations ·         And a focus on addressing individual shooter issues […]


AR15 Armorer Course

AR 15 Armorer Registration This 10 hour course is designed for officers who are already familiar with the AR15 Rifle operating system and wish to be certified as an armorer. Certification is good for 3 years. Cost for this one day course is $250. Class size limit of 10. Each student should bring one AR15 platform rifle […]


Personal Defense Rifle

Peacekeepers Firearms Training Facility 891 East 385th Road, Bolivar

Personal Defense Rifle flyer & reg Peacekeepers Training is offering a 10 hour training course at our Firearms Training Facility in Bolivar, MO on utilizing the AR 15 platform rifle. If you have purchased an AR 15 style rifle and would like some advanced training on how to use and maintain your AR this is […]


Introduction to Precision Rifle

This course will cover the use of a bolt action precision rifle including zeroing the rifle, sighting, aiming, trigger control, various shooting positions, how to make a range card, target engagement, shooter/observer dialogue, cleaning & maintenance and much more. The instructor for this course is JP Randleman. Randleman severed 8 years of service in the […]