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A New Beginning

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got!”
– Henry Ford (1863-1947), American founder of the Ford Motor Company


21st Century Peacekeepers has been a trusted company known for professional high quality training for the last 11 years.  Our owners and instructors have always been on the cutting edge of law enforcement and security training.  We are constantly improving our training skills and knowledge and updating our curriculum.  This year is a special year in our company’s history and we are excited to share it with all of our clients, associations, and friends that we have made over the years!

21st Century Peacekeepers has become Peacekeepers Training.  We have updated our company name, website, and logo with many more exciting updates and advancements coming in the next year.  We dedicate these changes to our team of professional instructors who consistently demonstrate not only their skills and expertise, but also their integrity and passion for the highest quality in training.

We are looking forward to serving the law enforcement and security professions as well as our communities with renewed focus and continued commitment to excellence in training!