3 Day Carbine Operator with Chris Cerino


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This training meets the needs of departments issuing AR15 variant guns to officers.

The AR15 is a specialized weapon platform requiring specific training, but mastering it doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn the ins-and-outs of the platform and learn to run it like an operator. On completing this training you will be infinitely more familiar and successful with operation, firing and maintenance of America’s Rifle. Learn skills that you can take to the range or the combat field. Let a professional guide you through what it takes to run the gun like a machine. 

Topics include:

  • Care, feeding, maintenance and safety
  • Foundational skills
  • Zero issues
  • Manipulation skills and techniques
  • Positional shooting (beyond basic)
  • Malfunctions (dealing with the worst)
  • Supported & unsupported positions

Required equipment:

Appropriate range attire, carbine/rifle*, 3 magazines, fighting sling (mandatory), hearing & eye protection, 1000 rounds.. Pistol with 3 magazines and 100 rounds. *acceptable rifles include SCAR or AR15 style.

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Upcoming Courses

October 9-11, 2020 (0800-1700 each day)

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