Defensive Tactics Instructor Program


Learn critical skills for teaching diverse groups and help your students develop their skills and confidence with the Peacekeepers Training Defensive Tactics Instructor Program. This challenging course enables you to effectively teach physical defensive and empty hand and less lethal control skills to officers.

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The Peacekeepers Training Defensive Tactics Instructor Program is a challenging class that is designed to prepare the participants to train officers in a variety of empty hand and less lethal control tool combatives.  The course will be both physically and mentally demanding.  Participants will learn the fundamental strategies of how to effectively teach physical defensive and control skills to their students.  Participants will also be introduced to advanced training methods developed by our experienced instructors to increase the coordination and physical abilities of our students.  These methods are critical for instructors teaching diverse groups to help their students develop skills and confidence.

Course Length

40 hours

Hosting Requirements

Host organization must provide a space with a matted surface to accommodate the class size for physical skills practice. A classroom facility is also needed for support lecture and presentations. Host agency will receive one free slot in the class for every 10 paid participants.

Student Requirements

Empty duty belts with holsters for OC, handcuffs, and handguns are required. No live weapons will be permitted in the training area. Students should wear attire appropriate for physical skills training. BDU style or other training pants compatible with duty belt, under belt and keepers is highly recommended for the weapon retention and disarming section of the training.

Upcoming Courses

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