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Need an update on the importance and legalities behind professional driving? Need some practice time to further develop your driving skills? The Professional Driving course offers you both and is Missouri POST approved.

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We drive every day, but does that make us great drivers? Do you ever get to practice some of your professional driving skills in a safe environment?

The Professional Driving course provides a baseline for you to improve your professional law enforcement driving skills. We offer two hours of legal studies that focus on recent court cases affecting law enforcement driving, Missouri law, and we discuss the driving standards we must adhere to. We also offer two hours of technical studies that focus on systems of driving, vehicle dynamics, and we will discuss your agency’s driving policy.

After the classroom is complete we will put our skills to work with four hours of skill development training. Our driving courses are designed to practice proper steering input, smooth acceleration, progressive braking, space management, and other vehicle dynamics. We will demonstrate how electronic stability control will allow your vehicle to respond under certain turning and braking situations. We have a bank of different cone courses we can set up depending on your agency’s needs.

Not to worry, these courses are slow to moderate speed. The wear and tear on your vehicles will be minimal. After all, most crashes happen during slower speeds.

Course Length

8 hours

Hosting Requirements

The hosting agency will supply classroom space with a screen for projecting a multi-media presentation and comfortable seating. The host will also provide the vehicles (minimum 3 and a max of 5 vehicles depending on the number of participants) to be driven and any associated expenses relating to driving the vehicles (gasoline, repairs, etc.). The minimum number of participants is 10 and the maximum number is 20. The host will have access to a large parking lot preferably free of any light poles, parked vehicles, vehicular/pedestrian traffic, or other obstructions. We will need the authority to temporarily mark the driving courses with a wax mark pen. The host will receive 1 complimentary seat for 10 paid participants. The host will receive a second complimentary seat for 15 paid participants.

Student Requirements

Please wear comfortable footwear for standing/walking on pavement for up to four hours. Dress appropriately for weather conditions and bring sunscreen if appropriate. Bring plenty of water especially on hot training days. You will have the option to train with your bullet-resistance vest and duty gear if you choose.

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