Tactical Building Searches


Are you ready to take your building search skills to the next level? Do you have new officers at your department and need consistent building search training? If so, the Tactical Building Searches course is for you. We train building clearing utilizing two and three officer teams.

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Searching a building can be a complicated task, especially when you have a large building and few officers to help. Our Tactical Building Searches course helps you minimize your vulnerabilities and maximize your chances for success. We focus on proper flashlight techniques, identifying problem areas within the building, stacking problem areas and threats, suspect control, and appropriate use-of-force.

This training is not a shoot out at the O.K. Corral; instead, we provide comprehensive training that builds on previously learned techniques.

The best building search is one where a shot is never fired!

Course Length

8 hours

Hosting Requirements

The host will need to supply access to a building for searching. The building should preferably not be under construction or abandoned to the point of causing a safety hazard. The building must not be occupied by non-participants during the time we will be training. Ideally, the building will have areas that will be dark for participants to practice in a low-light environment.

The minimum number of participants is 10 and the maximum is 20. We use airsoft weapons that fire a spherical non-metallic pellet. To prevent damage to the building (and its contents) from these pellet projectiles, please consider the fact these projectiles will be fired inside when selecting a building. The host will receive 1 complimentary seat for 10 paid participants. The host will receive a second complimentary seat for 15 paid participants.

Student Requirements

Please bring your bullet-resistant vest, duty belt, flashlight, groin protection, ball cap, and long sleeve shirt. Other optional equipment might include: gloves, knee pads, door wedges, rope, mirror, extra flashlight/batteries. We will supply you with face protection as well as the training weapon and ammunition. No live weapons will be allowed in the training environment.

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