Tactical Medical First Aid Instructor


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This is a one day, instructor course for Tactical Medical First Aid presented by Chief Rob Wylie (Ret).

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Participants, upon successful completion of this course will be trained to teach Tactical application of tourniquets, chest seals and wound packing. Below is an outline of the topics covered.


2. Intro to Tactical Medicine

a) Evolution of TCCC

B. Civilian Experience

a) San Bernardino after action

b) Ferguson, MO riots

c) School active shooter

d) Interaction with EMS, fire, and public safety agencies

a. Rescue Task Force integration

b. Medical Support of Mutual Aid Partners

3. Tactical Casualty Care/Phases of Care

a) Threat-Based Guidelines

1. Derived and modified from other guidelines to meet US civilian law enforcement needs

2. Defined four dynamic levels of tactics, treatment, and capability based on the tactical situations and perimeters.

3. Utilized “easy to remember” and “action based” naming convention and terminology for the four levels of casualty responses to indoctrinating the immediate actions.

4. Phases of care

a. Direct Threat

b. Indirect Threat

c. Evacuation phase

4. Specific Life and Limb Threatening Conditions

A. Hemorrhage Control and Hemostatic Techniques and Dressings

a) Direct pressure

b) Hemostatic agent considerations

c) Tourniquet application

d) Wound packing

B. Advance Airway Management

a) Head tilt-Chin lift

b) Recovery position

C. Physiologic injury

a) Shock recognition

b) Hypothermia prevention

D. Respiratory Control

a) Tension pneumothorax vs. Open pneumothorax

b) Expedient treatment

c) Chest seal comparison

d) Equipment Organization

a. Extraction equipment

b. Litter kits (flexible, rigid, EMS)

c. Straps, drag handles, and ties

Upcoming Courses

August 7, 2021, Peacekeepers Training Facility

Register at:  Eventbrite: Tactical Medical