Armed Church Security Team Member (Stage 2)


This is the second training stage for those wishing to be trained as armed church security team members. Each stage covers new topics related to necessary skills. Topics covered in this stage include:

  • Safety rules/briefing
  • Review of stage one day
  • Warm up rounds 7-10 15 yards
  • Movement and shooting
  • Stage one malfunction refresher
  • Stage two malfunction clearing
  • Close Quarter Shooting
  • Room Clearing
  • Shooting with a flashlight
  • Low light shooting skills test

Supplies needed: 300 rounds, quality holster, 3 magazines, ear/eye protection, ball cap, tactical flashlight (100 lumens or above), sack lunch, water.

Course Length

8 hours

Cost: $99

Date and time

September 3, 2022
At 2 PM


Peacekeepers Training
891 East 385th Road
Dunnegan, Missouri 65640

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