Basic Handgun Training – Next Steps After CCW


Join us for Basic Handgun Training – Next Steps After CCW, a course designed to help improve your shooting skills after obtaining your CCW. This course will cover everything from basic stance and grip to sight picture and trigger press and demonstrate the three types of magazine change:

  • Administrative
  • Tactical
  • Emergency.

In addition to these fundamental skills, we will also work on accuracy from different distances and show you how to clear common malfunctions. We’ll discuss the other holsters available for retention and clothing issues when concealing and carrying firearms in purses or bags. Finally, you’ll shoot a qualifying score of 70% on a qualification course.

The cost of this training is $110. Please bring your lunch, eye protection, ear protection, handgun and holster, and 300 rounds of ammo. The event will occur at 891 E 385th Rd, Dunnegan, MO 65640-9626, United States. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your shooting skills to the next level!

Course Length

8.5 hours

Cost: $110

Date and time

July 29, 2023
At 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM


Peacekeepers Training
891 East 385th Road
Dunnegan, Missouri 65640

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