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One of the challenges that churches and ministries face is training volunteers and lay leaders at a time that is convenient for all them given the wide variety of work schedules that they have. Our on-line training courses offer the opportunity for a larger group of people to receive needed training and education. E-learning online training also allows self-paced learning and schedule flexibility.

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Church Security Planning & Active Shooter Awareness Response -

Worshiping Faithfully in Uncertain Times!

Church Security Planning & Active Shooter Awareness Response -

Worshiping Faithfully in Uncertain Times!

Multiple modules inside your Training

The goals and objectives of this course are to provide a solid foundation of information related to church security planning and policy, intruder issues and effective response. This on-line curriculum is conveniently segmented into 4 modules.

Church Security - Reasons Why, Objections and Biblical, Ethical & Legal Justification

This module addresses, the current realities of safety and security trends, crimes, events that churches are faced with. Additionally, the section addresses the most common questions and objections that many organizations must answer, and overcome to prepare for current realities. Church Security - Is it Biblically, Ethically and Legally right?

Church Security - Objectives, Insurance, Written Plan and Personnel Selection

This module provides information, direction and strategies to developing a church security ministry along with a written plan that addresses the goals, objectives and needs in order of priorities identified according to the risk assessment. Proper personnel selection is also a critical step is creating your church security ministry

Awareness, Recognition and Response - From the parking lot to the pulpit

This module discusses the key points in an active shooter event and addresses the topic of normalcy bias. Your understanding of normalcy bias and how to avoid it is critical to you prevailing in an active shooter situation.

Active Shooter Response - 3 Out non-linear response model

Here you will learn in detail about the 3-out approach. Get out, lock out and take out are each discussed and examples of techniques are explained and demonstrated.

Progress Tracking and Assessment with each module

At the end of each module, attendees will take an assessment quiz to test their comprehension of the material presented. All progress and scores are recorded in the system and, if training is directed by a manager or team lead, these may be viewed to make sure each team member has successfully completed the training. After successfully completing the course, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.


More resources available in our book library

Active Threat: Workplace 911:

An expert guide to preventing, preparing for and prevailing over attacks at work, school and church.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon review

Great, quick read, hitting all the important points! This is a great, quick read that hits all the major points on assessing risk in order to develop an organizational safety and security plan, as well as identifying holes in an existing plan that might need reevaluating in order to perfect the structure and operation; plus, some good content to share for any resistance to a plan as well. I found it to be a great condensed version and compliment to the Strategos church security workshop. Thank you very much for writing this...

The Church Security Handbook

Attacks on churches are on the rise. Yet the temptation is to think that it can’t or won’t happen in our city or congregation.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon review

While none of us like to think that our church might not always be a safe place, the reality is that things are happening today that were unheard of years ago. While there are excellent seminars and training sessions to enhance the security of churches, the expense could be a problem for some as well as the ability to attend. This handbook is an excellent reference to help us be aware of things which could be indicators or potential problems. Well worth the cost.