Armed School Protectors - School Protection Specialists

Strategos International now offers “School Protection Specialist” Services that provide schools with "Armed School Protection" services. These armed school protection specialists are high- quality and highly trained professionals that are vetted, drug tested, polygraphed, psychologically evaluated/approved and to provide both an armed response, deterrence and de-escalation response to protect your communities most important asset which is the students and the staff that educate them.

The SPS solution is the highest quality of armed protection solution that we offer our school clients.

WHY Partner w/ Strategos for certified Armed School Protection Services?

When you engage with Strategos to provide a School Protection Specialist you are partnering with an organization that has been training police officers and police instructors for over 20 years how to respond to a school threat.

Strategos extensive experience in providing school training, consulting and protection solutions to over 500 school districts currently ensures your district gets a protection solution that increases safety and security without compromising the core mission of educating students in uncertain times.

Reduces fear and anxiety for parents, staff and community stakeholders knowing that a highly trained on-scene armed response capability is able to respond within seconds instead of minutes. LE agencies are currently averaging 25-30% staffing shortage across the country and their ability to staff school SRO positions is very limited or even not possible in many cases. Although local law enforcement have been proven partners for school resource officer staffing for some schools agencies are not able to staff SRO's at schools in many instances and with the demand increasing by our communities to have an armed response capability at elementary schools as well these realities provide an unsustainable challenge for local law enforcement.

These professionals are employees of Strategos and we will provide a certificate of insurance for your district.

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Strategos School Protection Specialist – This solution is designed and presented as a premium solution with many upsides and only a couple of negatives. These personnel are recruited with current or previous law enforcement, military or protection service capabilities and have an extensive amount of experience even before they go through the SPS training. Each specialist receives foundationally between 120 and 160 hours as well as 90-120 hours each year after that. They are licensed and insured to provide the client with the least amount of liability exposure and trained to provide the client with the highest degree of effective response capability to all types of threats but especially threats where life vs. death is a possibility.


  • High level of training and return on investment over security guard and SPO services.
  • Highest quality equipment selection provided (at no additional expense to client or the specialist) to respond to wide variety of non-deadly and deadly threats. Lethal & less lethal response capabilities.
  • In depth background checks performed as well as polygraph and psychological examinations on each applicant to insure the highest integrity and dependability.
  • Compensated well and good employment benefits for SPS personnel to reduce turnover and improve retention.
  • Transfer of liability as SPS personnel are covered by insurance policy of the Strategos.
  • 40 hrs. of training as School Resource Officers (SRO’s) to perform functions of leadership and mentorship.
  • Can respond to school calls for service for narcotics, disturbances, fights and violent intruders.
  • Trained as Active Shooter Intruder Response Trainer/Instructor (ASIRT) to have ability to instruct school staff for emergency response on professional development days.
  • Highest return on investment for potential life vs. death emergency response, reduction of anxiety/fear with students, parents, staff and community resulting in improved learning environment.


  • If budget constrained this solution can be viewed as significant investment even though it provides a great value.
Protection Features Security Guard School Protection Officer School Protection Specialist
Economical minimal expense Yes Yes No
Insurance certificate provided Yes No Yes
Higher level of training No Yes Yes
Highest level of training No No Yes
Background checked No Yes Yes
Polygraph testing administered No No Yes
Psychological testing administered No No Yes
Licensed or State Certified Yes Yes Yes
Instructor Certified for ASIRT No No Yes
School Resource Officer Certified No No Yes
Return on Investment No Yes Yes
Less lethal response capability No No Yes
Singular Dedicated Response Priority Yes No Yes

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