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Providing compelling expert witness service solutions for insurance, attorney, and corporate organizations.

Criminal and civil expert witness resources for insurance litigation case reviews, Criminal & civil attorney case reviews, leading practices for security and workplace violence, security and law enforcement use of force litigation, standards of care and preparedness, due diligence preparedness, and behavior risk assessments for pre and post-event reviews.

Federal and state courts permit expert witnesses to testify during criminal and civil cases in order to assist the judge and/or jury in reaching a well-informed decision.

Strategos utilizes specialized experts that have been vetted both personally and professionally to clarify, explain, and provide expert opinions on complex safety, security, and workplace violence matters in a way that the average person is compelled by and understands.

We have provided expert witness resources for case reviews, depositions, and trials and have also provided behavior risk assessments on matters related to reporting, standards of care, and due diligence preparedness criteria related to security and workplace violence.

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  • Insurance Litigation Case Reviews
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  • Criminal & Civil Attorney Case Reviews
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  • Leading Practices for Security & Workplace Violence
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  • Security and Law Enforcement Use of Force Litigation
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  • Preparedness Standards of Care
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  • Due Diligence Preparedness

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  • Behavior Risk Assessments - Prior & Post Event
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