Preparing churches to worship safely in uncertain times!

Church safety and security is not just the security team or security ministry’s responsibility.  It is all church leadership, staff, lay leaders, and volunteer’s responsibility.  We provide training and consulting services for church pastoral and operations leadership, staff, lay leaders, ushers, greeters, deacons, elders, children, and security volunteers. 

We first of all want to communicate very clearly that we believe ALL people whether faith-based, secular, agnostic or otherwise, have a right to either worship or gather with freedom from threat(s) and do so safely and without interruption while doing so.  

Our philosophy in providing a safe and secure church or other faith based organization and/or worship environment is to do so WITHOUT compromising the CORE MISSION of our ministry.  We define the CORE MISSION of most ministries is to provide an atmosphere of COMFORT, REFUGE, WORSHIP and LEARNING!  Decisions regarding preparing for safety and security should be filtered through the core mission.  In other words, those involved in our safety and security efforts should continually ask themselves, “Is the decision we are about to make a compromise or amplify our core mission?”

We believe that the safety and security ministry mission when done correctly, your church will become a more friendly experience not a less friendly one.

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Courses & Consulting

  • Weekend Firm Foundation Weekend Church Security Consult
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  • Leadership Personnel Courses (Pastoral, Operations, Security, Chidrens)

  • 1-Day Church Security Planning for Leadership Personnel
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  • 1-Day Intruder Awareness/Response & Conflict Management for Church Personnel
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  • 2 Day Church Security Planning & Intruder Awareness Response
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  • Staff & Volunteer Personnel Courses (Ushers, Greeters, Elders, Security, Children’s, Hospitality)

  • 3-4 hr. Personal Awareness & Safety for Believers
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  • 3 hr. Active Shooter Response for Church Personnel

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  • Security Personnel (Leadership, staff, and volunteers)

  • 4 hr. Tactics Firearms Handling
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  • Tactical Applications for the Pistol – Level 1
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  • Tactical Applications for the Pistol – Level 2
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  • Pistol Camp
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  • 1 Day Conflict Management & De-escalation
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  • 1 Day Church Security Scenario Training

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  • 1 Day Compliance & Control for Church Protectors
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  • Chaplaincy Training

  • 1-Day First Responders Chaplaincy/Ministry - LEVEL 1
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  • 1-Day First Responders Chaplaincy/Ministry - LEVEL 2
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