1-Day First Responders Chaplaincy/Ministry – LEVEL 2

This class is open to everyone! You do NOT have to currently be a Chaplain to attend.

First Responder Chaplaincy/ Ministry Training Level 2 builds upon the foundation established in our Level I Chaplaincy course. This course is designed to help the participant learn how to care for the heart and soul of first responders. This is an advanced class providing extensive training in helping first responders understand various types of stress.

Not only will you be able to help others identify stressors you will also be equipped with best practices and proven strategies that can offer stability and comfort to our heroes when they are hurting. Course participants will be able to identify risk factors that require additional levels of training involving PTSD and PTSI.

We will explore the role of Chaplains during critical incidents and appropriate care that can be provided to first responders. One of the best takeaways of this course will be enhancing your abilities to help a person who has experienced trauma get well again. Understanding that our role is never counseling, it’s learning to comfort and support populations that are typically reluctant to ask for help.

Finally, we will explore the role of wounded healers in the life of first responders. Participants will be able to help first responders find the good in life when life doesn’t feel good.

Topics Covered:

  • The Chaplain’s Finest Moment
  • Understanding Stress
  • Principles of Trauma-Related Stress
  • Common Reactions to Critical Incident Stress
  • What to BOLO (Be On The Look-Out)
  • CPTSD, PTSD, and PTSI Risk Factors
  • How to Help the Heroes Heal
  • Victims and Survivors
  • Steps to Measure Health Post-Critical Incident(s)
  • Helpful Strategies for Recovery
  • Post-traumatic Growth
  • Wounded Healers

Please wear comfortable clothing.

This training does NOT certify anyone as a Chaplain.

COST – $157 per person