Flexible, scalable training courses delivered at your facility or locations

Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Response, Conflict Management De-Escalation, High-Risk Terminations, Behavior Risk Assessments, and Suicide Awareness training for employees, supervisors, and leadership personnel.

Studies have indicated that “in-person” onsite training is most effective for information retention and also allows a format for demonstrations and Q&A from participants.

Each of these courses fall into one or more of all 3 phases of preparedness - PREVENTION, RESPONSE & POST INCIDENT.

We have the ability to deliver these training courses in a flexible and scalable format at one or multiple facilities simultaneously with the ability to train hundreds of participants daily with dozens of highly qualified, trained, and personable instructors.

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The Onsite Courses We Offer

  • 1 hr. Workplace Violence Active Shooter Response for Employees
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  • 2 hr. Workplace Violence Active Shooter Prevention & Response for Mgrs. & Supervisors
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  • 2 hr. Conflict Management & De-Escalation for Employees
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  • 4 hr. Conflict Management & De-Escalation for Field Personnel, Mgmt. & Supervisors
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  • 8 hr. Conflict Management & De-Escalation for Patient Care & Customer Contact Personnel
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  • 1 hr. Leading Practices for High-Risk Terminations
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  • 1 hr. Introduction to Behavior Risk Assessments
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  • 1 hr. Suicide Awareness & Violence Behavioral Pre-cursors
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  • S.A.F.E. Approach Program
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