1-Day Compliance & Control for Church Protectors

As church leaders we a biblically, ethically and legally obligated to provide the safest worship environment for our visitors, members and staff. In doing so we do not want to compromise the environment of comfort, refuge and worship that we strive for. With that in mind, this course was designed to empower the “First Line” responders that serve on the church staff with the skills and application proficiency needed to de-escalate situations within the church walls that become physical in nature.

The desire of any church is to prevent a volatile situation from becoming physical, however when this is not possible it is very important that your staff be trained and equipped in a manner that allows them to de-escalate physical confrontations in a manner that is efficient, effective AND allows them the greatest opportunity to prevent injury to themselves or others. When possible if these physical confrontations can be defused in a manner that is “camera friendly” and this should be the objective.

Topics Covered:

  • Discussion on the foundation of compliance and control.
  •  Discovering what “Breathing, relaxation, posture and movement” really are.
  • Will address the question “How strong do I have to be?”
  •  The many uses of a “Simple” hand shake.
  •  The use of “Soft” empty hand techniques for control
  •  Applying restraint type of holds and providing controlled escort.
  • Defense against different weapons (Knifes, improvised tools…etc)
  •  Working within the confined space of church or through a crowd.
  • Protecting one’s own equipment (Handgun, Tazers…etc.)

In order to better understand this course, you will need to think as a builder. When dealing with physical conflict you must first have a foundation of skills and principles on which to build on. This is completed through situational training that has been designed to test you as a protector.

This course is physical in nature and participants should realize this prior to signing up for a course. Having said that the principles taught do not rely on strength and stamina as much as they do breathing, relaxation and proper understanding/application of the physics of confrontations between single or multiple adversaries.

Who should attend?

  • Church security/safety staff
  • Church leadership personnel that could become involved in a physical confrontation

COST – $187 per person