Workplace violence policy-procedure development

This is an area that I have been shocked to see most corporate clients (even Fortune 500 companies) are woefully unprepared in terms of written plans and programs. We have developed customized WPV programs from an overarching organizational level to a facility level

that much of the program is templated however each client engagement does get a customized approach based on “Goals & Objectives Questionnaire” and interview that we do with each. Below is a description of this offering as well as the topics the program manual covers


Liability reduction and OSHA’s General Duty Clause Compliance require that organizations are able to demonstrate “due diligence preparedness”

post crisis to manage and reduce liability associated with these types of events. So, what is “due diligence preparedness”?

Simply defined it is “Demonstrating reasonable effort to prevent harm to others prior to the event occurring.” This does not mean that “prevention” is the expectation however as “reasonable effort” is what needs to be demonstrated. So how can you as an organization demonstrate reasonable effort?

This can be done through a 3 pronged strategy:

  • Written Plan(s)
  • Training for Staff
  • Interval Drilling/Exercises

Typically when asked if an organization has a written workplace violence program the answer is “Yes”. When asked what this program consists of however it is determined that it is only a “No Bullying-No Harrassment” policy. This alone is far from what is needed to have a comprehensive program however. We can assist you in developing a comprehensive and customized written Workplace Violence Program that includes the following:

  •  WPV Program Document
  • WPV Program Policy
  • Domestic Violence Policy
  • High Risk Termination Policy
  • Intruder Response Policy w/ Floorplan Callouts
  • WPV Incident Report Form
  • Employee WPV Hazard Assessment
  • Personal Conduct to Minimize Violence Handout
  •  Warning Signs of Escalating Behavior Handout