3-Day Force-On-Force Instructors Management Course

Cost – $797 per person

Strategos International has long been synonymous with quality instruction, including force-on-force training.
Over the years we have developed our own unique results-oriented style. We pride ourselves on the delivery of safe, solid and effective training. This course prepares instructors to manage a force-on-force training program.

It covers everything from starting a program from the ground up to improve an existing program. We will examine the various training platforms (Airsoft, paintball, Simunitions and RAM) and how they can be effectively used in training. We will demonstrate the difference in scenario-based training vs. drilling and the advantage of each method. Students will design, participate and run training evolutions under the supervision of a Strategos instructor.

Topics include:

  • Why force-on-force? What case law requires this type of training?
  •  Force-on-force training platforms: Airsoft/ Paintball/Simunitions, RAM; pros vs. cons of each
  • Principles vs. technique-based training: objectives of each
  • Drills vs. scenarios – What are you trying to accomplish for each?
  •  Other training applications: live fire remedial training; replicating live-fire drills
  • Utilizing force-on-force tools
  •  Scenarios: shoot/don’t shoot training
  •  Critiquing video review
  •  Safety in training: safety gear – protocols and procedures
  •  Making force-on-force training fun