3-Day Immediate Action Response For The Undercover Team

Cost – $697 per person

This course equips undercover officers to effectively respond to rapidly changing circumstances.

It provides officers opportunities to react to situations they may have never faced before but are likely to encounter. The focus is not on training officers to become undercover operators. Instead, this course prepares undercover officers and support teams to be more effective in emergency response.

Through lecture, drills and scenarios, reinforced with force-on-force training, officers will be subjected to a wide range of variables to prepare them for the future. Whether you are the undercover on the inside conducting a buy, or the surveillance team outside, how will you respond to a threat? If your surveillance team receives the distress signal, how will they conduct the rescue?

Don’t wait to find out how you will react in real life where the price is too high.


  •  Team Tactics
  •  Communication
  •  Leadership
  •  Room Clearing
  • Corners
  •  Threats
  • Managing Threats
  •  Room Clearing Drills
  •  Single Corner
  •  Doorway Drill
  •  Breaching Tools Discussion
  •  What tools do you have/need
  •  Shield Work
  •  Lipping the Corner
  •  Step Out Corner
  • Splitting the Shield
  • Vehicle Take Down
  •  Angles
  •  Approach
  •  Lighting
  •  Buy Busts – Vehicle Take Downs
  •  Take Down Dry Technical
  •  Fighting Drill around Vehicles
  •  One-on-One Outside Vehicle
    Two-on-One Outside Vehicle
  •  One-on-One with One Inside
  •  UC/CI Rescue Drills
  •  Rescue Drill
  •  Start Outside
  •  Start Inside
  •  PCR for the Undercover
  •  Weapon Retention
  •  Forestalling a Drawstroke

Scenarios – Full Mission Profiles

Equipment List:

  • Choice of BDU’s/Sweats/Overalls/Flight Suit
  • Flashlight used on duty
  • Duty Rig or concealment holster
  • Eye, Ear, Groin, and Neck Protection, Gloves
  • Chest Protection for Women
  •  Ballistic Shield (if available)
  •  Surveillance equipment used on duty (if available)
  •  Knee Pads
  •  Hydration