Behavior Risk Assessments

Has your school received anonymous or known direct or veiled threats? Strategos has the ability to come in and assist you with not only the investigation and behavior risk assessment of these threats but also assist you in developing and implementing an actionable risk mitigation plan for those particular threats.

Strategos has extensive experience in not only investigating and conducting behavior risk assessments but we educate school staff and administrators across the country on concerning behavior related to potential violence as well as teaching districts how to form and operate a behavior threat risk assessment teams.

As important as missing behavioral clues prior to violent acts occurring is unfairly labeling students as a threat based on misunderstood behavioral singular indicators and statements. Many schools currently interpret information received in an investigation and subjectively make a determination based on feelings and current events. Strategos experience on this topic will allow your school to receive objective, experiential analysis and judgment rather than subjective opinion(s) not founded on experience or knowledge.