Physical Security Assessments

Has your school or district had a safety and security assessment, or is it time to do a re-assessment?

Safety and security planning, policy and procedure implementation, and staff training is never a completed process. A well-rounded safety program involves prevention, response, and recovery for incidents that involve natural hazards and active threats. To stay current on threat assessment, prevention methods, and safety devices requires regular and consistent evaluation to ensure students, staff, and stakeholders are in the safest environment possible.

Strategos International provides onsite visits to each school in your district to conduct a review of existing building construction, access controls, and review of multiple functions related to criminal deterrence and response within the physical school setting. Most existing schools were not designed with contemporary security enhancements to mitigate property crime, prevent unauthorized entry of persons, or notification systems; therefore, the culture and climate of the school and community, as well as how the building is used on a daily basis is considered before making any recommendations. Also included in the assessment is a review of school and district policies and procedures, emergency drill execution and effectiveness of emergency response training for the best possible outcomes during a threat.

Whether it is your school/district initial assessment or re-assessment, Strategos International has extensive experience in both reviewing your facility and providing a written report of findings and recommendations. The benefit of having Strategos International conduct the assessment instead of attempting a self-assessment, is that we are an objective thirdparty professional bringing experiences from numerous assessments conducted in schools, churches, and businesses across the US and internationally, that can be applied to your environment to identify potential threats before they become a liability for your staff and students.

A review of the below areas is conducted on-site. This review can be in conjunction with contracted architects for planning of new construction or it can be a review or incremental improvements to existing school facilities.

  •  Perimeter and interior access control
  •  Mail, Packages and Delivery systems
  •  Visitor Management
  • Traffic and barrier planning, parking controls
  •  CCTV surveillance
  • Intrusion detection (after hours or real-time notification)
  •  Public address/intercom system review
  •  Response capabilities (Security & Employees)
  •  Safety related district policies and procedures